yes I want to write about Tehran again!! why? because I haven't traveled to other cities of Iran for a long time. but it won't change the fact, Tehran is a travel destination if you plan to visit Iran also. well, I'm planning to go to north west of Iran during coming week, to Sarein (Sar'ein) city near Ardebil. maybe I come back with something different later, huh? :)
btw, Tehran again! I want to give you samples of diversity of climate in Tehran. yup! you can see snow, showers and hell hot sun in Tehran during the year. look below:
winter from my back window, the high rising you see, is Sa'di Tower in Shahrak-e-Gharb. that was the toughest winter I've ever seen in Tehran, 18 degrees below zero! so Tehran can be cold and tough! it would be from December till February, not lasting more:

Tehran Tehran can be foggy! look at the Milad Tower hiding in the fog:

Tehran Tehran can be green and live! look at these two pictures, Hormozan avenue:

Tehran and Tehran can be Hot as hell! up to 42 degrees (centigrades) in July and August. of course it's not humid like many other places, but it's hot! actually, I didn't have any picture with a feeling of 40 degree day!

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